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Miracle berry or pokok ajaib: synsepalum dulcificum

It is called pokok ajaib, or better known as miraculous/miracle berry and botanically tagged as synsepalum dulcificum, It has a long history of use in Africa and Asia to turn sour food into sweet food. I was visiting Risda Nursery not far from the roundabout towards Bangi Toll entrance when I notice this beautiful plants in two large pots. Just a day before, I was reading a post in  My little Potted Garden: Am I called Acerola???   about a certain berry.

miracle berry  /milagro baya  / Чудо ягода / miracol boabe / bagas milagre / 
 berry cud /توت معجزه  / mirakel bær /기적 베리/  ミラクルベリー /miracolo bacca / 
 csoda bogyó / μούρο θαύμα/  Wunderbeere / baie miracle /             

The leaves looked strikingly similar. The worker said, "take a bite at the fruit and then you can eat a bag of sour kedondong". I took a bite or two and the sweetness in my mouth lasted for hours. In case you may wonder what am I doing in Bangi when I am already a permanent resident of Tanah Merah..., the two sons are staying here in Rajawali Apartment Bangi Seksyen 9. Whenever time is available, we will with them over weekends. But the journey is long..., 7 hours on average.

No seedlings available, therefore he suggested we took home the ripe berries and germinate ourselves.  I read somewhere about seeds having 24 percents chance of germination. So with eight seeds, we will be lucky to get two seeds sprouting.

miracle berry or buah pokok ajaib
miracle berry or buah pokok ajaib
miracle berry or buah pokok ajaib

the miracle berries look like this on the tree.


So these miracle berry plants would probably be the highlight in Kakdah's garden of a house in Sitiawan Perak to be completed soon by middle of next year. She plans to embark on homestay business by August 2011 with the name,

bangchik and kakdah

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